Farmworker/Sakuma Farms issue / FB post, Sj Robson

sakuma June 12 at 5:23pm  by Sj Robson on Facebook
Just posted this to The Bellingham Herald Politics Blog Facebook Page. Let’s put the pressure on the Herald to start covering the important that has been ongoing for years now. Below, is the content of my post:

Why isn’t The Bellingham Herald reporting on this important issue that other news media is reporting on?

The farmworkers/Sakuma Farms issue is not simply a Skagit issue, especially because many wholesale farmers in Whatcom County are customers of Sakuma Farms.

Sakuma Farms has a Caneberry (raspberries and blackberries) nursery, and it does root stalk (propagate inside of a greenhouse). Tissue comes from the laboratory then Sakuma grows them out in nursery fields and then sells those to many of the Whatcom County berry farmers; those farmers here in Whatcom that plant by acres, not by row.

The Herald needs to start covering this very important issue that affects farmworkers here in Whatcom and in Skagit.

There have been demonstrations happening weekly here in Whatcom on this issue, yet there has been no coverage by the Herald. Our local community deserves to be informed on this issue.

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