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Welcome to Noisy Waters Northwest! Many facts, figures, stories, and perspectives are, sadly, often unheralded in our local media in Whatcom County, Washington.  Click on the title of items on our picturesque story board for a refreshing splash of information that won’t be held back. There is a search page to search all information on this blog site. All posts note their categories of commentary or news related content. Continue reading

Whatcom County Sheriff receives Operation Stonegarden Grant funding in joint mission to secure U.S. borders / Noisy Waters Northwest

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Click the graphic to access this Keep Bellingham Families Working Facebook post on their Facebook page

September 19, 2018   Dena Jensen

In light of our heightened awareness of threats to Whatcom County residents through the initiation of  deportation proceedings against immigrant’s rights activist and Bellingham resident Maru Mora-Villalpando in December of 2017, and the August 29, 2018 ICE raid against employees of the Bellingham location of Granite Precasting, I am going to try to shed some light on this Operation Stonegarden Grant funding that the Whatcom County Sheriff’s Office has been receiving for years now with the approval of the Whatcom County Council. Continue reading

Temporary Restraining Order Filed Against ICE to Stop Force-Feeding of Hunger Striker / Press Release, NWDC Resistance


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September 14, 2018 Press Release, NWDC Resistance

Tacoma, WA- A Temporary Restraining Order against Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) has been filed today by attorneys, Junga Subedar and Edward Alexander in association with the Whatcom Civil Rights Project and the Law Office of Edward S. Alexander, P.S. to prevent ICE from attempting to force feed at least one person on hunger strike. Continue reading

Fire Doug #13 / Facebook post, Noisy Waters Northwest

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Click the graphic to access The Bellingham Herald article, “Sen. Ericksen to propose bill making ‘illegal protests’ a felony”

September 7, 2018  Dena Jensen

We are now at a baker’s dozen of Doug’s Got to Go posts. While we fight our way to firing Republican State Senator Doug Ericksen in the November 2018 election, here is this excellent reason for doing so.  Below is the opening of this November 2016 Bellingham Herald article. Luckily Senator Ericksen did not succeed in passing this bill that could have served to chill our first amendment rights.  Continue reading

Fire Doug # 12 / Noisy Waters Northwest


ericksen proud to represent companies

Click the graphic to access this Doug Ericksen Facebook post on his @SenEricksen Facebook page


September 6, 2018  Dena Jensen

We are now at an even dozen days of Doug’s Got to Go posts and today’s reason that we need to vote Republican State Senator Doug Ericksen out of office is that he is “Very proud to be the State Senator for companies…” Yes, he does say, “for companies that invest back in our Community,” but I do not want a State Senator who represents companies. Continue reading

Fire Doug #11 / Facebook post, Noisy Waters Northwest

Ericksen no on stopping conversion therapy

September 5, 2018  Dena Jensen

11 days and 11 easy reasons now that Doug’s Got to Go. 

Today’s reason is that Republican State Senator Doug Ericksen (and our two current 42nd LD Representatives, also up for re-election) voted against a law banning conversion therapy by licensed health care providers on patients under age eighteen, that would spare minors of any sexual identity in our state from this type of abuse.  Continue reading

Fire Doug #10 / Facebook post, Noisy Waters Northwest

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Click the graphic to access the Noisy Waters Northwest post, “Doug Ericksen: On the door, or out the door”

September 4, 2018  Dena Jensen

Day number 10 of the Doug’s Got to Go posts finds us remembering the April of 2017 when 42nd LD constituents were often wondering “Where’s Doug?”  I think when it has been, on multiple occasions, so hard to figure out where and when our Republican Senator Doug Ericksen is really working, it’s a sure sign to send him on his way!  Continue reading