We need to protect our Great Blue Heron colony / NorthwestCitizen, John Servais

A Great Blue Heron on its way back to the colony in south Bellingham. It is building or improving its nest in preparation for laying eggs in early spring. Our thanks to Alan Fritzberg for use of his photos.


Tue, May 31, 2016, 9:51 pm  John Servais

The Greenways Advisory Committee voted unanimously in early May to provide partial funding from their available free funds to purchase the platted but unbuilt house sites bordering the Great Blue Heron colony in south Bellingham.

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BP Refinery’s controlled information and ‘controlled shutdown’: My phone call to BP refinery last night / Facebook post, Sandy Robson

kgmi bp fire

33 mins  June 1, 2016  Sandy Robson

I called BP’s environmental hotline last evening, telling the woman who answered the phone call that I was hearing a rumbling noise that I have never heard before coming seemingly from BP Refinery, and the flares were going off and on, and it looked like it was some operation or something that is not normally going on at BP. Continue reading