BP Refinery’s controlled information and ‘controlled shutdown’: My phone call to BP refinery last night / Facebook post, Sandy Robson

kgmi bp fire

33 mins  June 1, 2016  Sandy Robson

I called BP’s environmental hotline last evening, telling the woman who answered the phone call that I was hearing a rumbling noise that I have never heard before coming seemingly from BP Refinery, and the flares were going off and on, and it looked like it was some operation or something that is not normally going on at BP. Continue reading

Anchor-chain activists face hefty fines /Northwest Citizen, Ralph Schwartz

Chiara D’Angelo works from her computer Monday, Feb. 15 at the Community Food Co-op in Bellingham. D’Angelo said she spends about 75 percent of her time working on finishing her degree at Fairhaven College, and 25 percent working on her case challenging a Coast Guard fine. Photo by Ralph Schwartz

Thu, Feb 18, 2016, 4:01 am  Ralph Schwartz

Combined, Chiara D’Angelo and Matt Fuller spent 88 hours last spring on the anchor chain of the Arctic Challenger. Continue reading

Here is a quote from my first book / Facebook post, Whatcom Hawk, Walter Haugen

end of the oil ageYesterday at 11:37am  December 9, 2015  Walter Haugen

Here is a quote from my first book:
“In 2008, oil prices reached 7.5% of GDP in the US and triggered a major demand reduction. In 2010, Deutsche Bank predicted the next oil shock will come at 6.5% of GDP, which reflects their assessment of an increasing sensitivity to oil prices. As I write this in 2012, the price of oil is approximately 5% of US GDP.”

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