Lois Garlick was our hero / NorthwestCitizen, John Servais

Lois Garlick, 1920 – 2015

Thu, Jul 09, 2015, 8:27 am  John Servais

Lois Garlick died peacefully in her sleep on June 28 at age 95.  She and her husband George, who died several years ago, were awarded the first Environmental Heros award by Re-Sources.  It was obvious and symbolic.  Their environmental stewardship predated by decades the beginning of the modern enviro movement in the early 1970s. Continue reading

Do you want your Bellingham Port Commissioners to be listening to you? / Facebook Post, Sj Robson

want to come watch1 hr July 10, 2015  Sandy Robson

Do you want your Bellingham Port Commissioners to be focused on listening to you, or to be offering corporations and developers the upper hand?

As we head into the primary elections, I decided to re-visit some of my older articles and comment posts to remind people why Gary Jensen should not be elected for Bellingham Port Commissioner. . .or for any other elected office. Today’s reason: Continue reading

STOMP OUT ANIMAL ABUSE: Animals Are Not Entertainment / Facebook post, Whatcom Hawk


[Note: here is a link to the Sunnyland Stomp website: http://sunnylandstomp.com/latest-stomp-news/ ]

10 hrs July 10, 2015  Wendy Harris

Enlightened Bellingham still thinks it is amusing to take animals into strange noisy environments and have them engage in meaningless acts, purely for the purpose of human amusement. It is all good fun, a “friendly gathering of chicken owners”, … just ask the sponsor, Scratch and Peck Feeds. Continue reading