Fire Doug #25 / Noisy Waters Northwest


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September 19, 2018  Dena Jensen

Here’s #25 in the series of Doug’s Got to Go posts. And this one provides an example of Republican State Senator Doug Ericksen’s bold-faced telling of unbelievable nonsense. Continue reading

Whatcom County Sheriff receives Operation Stonegarden Grant funding in joint mission to secure U.S. borders / Noisy Waters Northwest

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September 19, 2018   Dena Jensen

In light of our heightened awareness of threats to Whatcom County residents through the initiation of  deportation proceedings against immigrant’s rights activist and Bellingham resident Maru Mora-Villalpando in December of 2017, and the August 29, 2018 ICE raid against employees of the Bellingham location of Granite Precasting, I am going to try to shed some light on this Operation Stonegarden Grant funding that the Whatcom County Sheriff’s Office has been receiving for years now with the approval of the Whatcom County Council. Continue reading