Notes on Mount Baker Glacier Trends / Reading the Washington Landscape, Dan McShane

Cumulative mass balance for several north Cascades glaciers (Glacier Mass Balance Bulletin, 2013 2013_gmbb12.pdf)

THURSDAY, SEPTEMBER 17, 2015  Dan McShane

The Seattle Times ran an article on the ongoing glacial research is the North Cascades: . Continue reading

Central Washington Ice Margin: Haystack Rocks South of Highway 2 / Reading the Washington Landscape, Dan McShane

Tuesday, July 7, 2015  Dan McShane

Haystack rock south of Highway 2 on the Waterville Plateau This large boulder marks the approximate southernmost reach of glacial ice.

The farthest south extent of the continental ice in central Washington during the ice age was the Okanogan ice lobe. The ice flowed down the Okanogan valley blocked the Columbia River and extended south across the Waterville Plateau. Continue reading