This is why we cannot have nice things, like functional ecosystems / Facebook post, Whatcom Hawk, Wendy Harris

7 hrs  February 7, 2016  Wendy Harris

I respect this author and he is usually right about things, but this time, he could not be more off the mark. And it reflects not just an unhealthy environment, it reflects an unhealthy culture and way of viewing the biosphere. And it explains why most of our restoration efforts simply fail. Continue reading

County Council Agenda for Tuesday Has Important Items for Review / Facebook post, Whatcom Hawk, Wendy Harris

feb 9 council agenda

23 hrs  February 4, 2016  Wendy Harris

Look at the bottom of the agenda to review the introduction items, and you will see a “Resolution adopting a Statement of Incarceration Prevention, Criminal Justice, and Jail Planning Principles for Whatcom County’s criminal justice and behavioral health systems (AB2016-072).” Any comments on that will need to be made at open session in the evening. Continue reading

Privatizing Our Public Places: Not Here, Not Today / The Daily Kos, James Wells

Sat Jun 27, 2015  James Wells

Our local Bloedel Donovan Park is a great wonder. All kinds of people come from all over for a picnic, or a swim, or to play ball.

Recently, a piece of our park was swallowed up by a rowing club, under some agreement with the parks department. An area of public parking was replaced by a locked boathouse, available only to members of the association. But don’t worry, your family can join – for only $400 per year.    Continue reading