Event: NOV 09 Public Hearing On Bellingham Critical Area Ordinance / Facebook event, Wendy Harris

public hearing cob caoNovember 8, 2015  Wendy Harris  ACTION

Tell the city council that you want better protection for wetlands and wildlife, starting with an inventory and assessment and baseline standards. We need some way to measure and monitor ecosystem functions.

Tell the city council that it is not in compliance with requirements for identifying and protecting habitat corridors.

Tell the City Council that you would like to see land set aside for the protection and use of wildlife, as we were promised when we approved the greenway levies. The city pretends that public access to land and water is compatible with habitat, but we know that is rarely true.

Tell the city that you are not happy with the way that parks are being managed. The Parks Department has an obligation to protect wildlife which it is ignoring. Destroying habitat corridors along estuaries, and building concrete stairs to rare and high value pocket beaches is a violation of the public’s trust.

Tell the city that you do not support the use of off site compensatory mitigation for wetlands… the practice of filling and destroying functional wetlands and then attempting to recreate new wildlands somewhere else. Instead, more effort needs to be placed on avoiding impacts to wetlands.

Contact: (360) 778-8200, ccmail@cob.org
All meetings are held in the City Hall Council Chambers at 210 Lottie Street, Bellingham, WA, unless otherwise noted.

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