DeSantis, Fox, and ‘Dick the Butcher’ walk into a bar… / Glenn Stewart

March 27, 2023 Glenn Stewart

“First thing we do, let’s kill all the lawyers!”  When “Dick the Butcher” bellowed his famous declaration in Henry VI 400-years ago, Shakespeare was showcasing the fascist playbook.  “Butcher” is apropos, as “Dick” was a terrible, brutish man; a murderer.   His partner- in-crime is Jack Cade, who’s fixated on placing himself on King Henry’s throne by any means necessary.  In these men, Shakespeare concocts the most cunning, anti-intellectual characters ever to appear in his, and possibly anyone else’s work.  

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Mayor Gary Jensen supported GPT in an ad that claimed there would be no “harm to the shoreline or environment” from GPT / Facebook post

20 hrs  July 8, 2015  Sandy Robson

gary new hope mayors“The Gateway Terminal is the right project for the right time for Whatcom County. We need it and I support it.”

–Ferndale Mayor Gary Jensen, candidate for Bellingham Port Commissioner

As we head into the primary elections, I decided to re-visit some of my older articles and comment posts to remind people why Gary Jensen should not be elected for Bellingham Port Commissioner. . .or for any other elected office. Continue reading