Hansen-Iron Street Rental Megaplex Planned for York Neighborhood / Northwest Citizen, Dick Conoboy

Hanson-Iron street rental

Jun 01, 2015, 3:49 am Dick Conoboy

In what could be an appalling and game-changing precedent for many of Bellingham’s single-family neighborhoods, a megaplex of three seven-bedroom (five bedrooms plus two “bonus rooms”) single-family homes is planned for three adjoining lots on Iron St (1623, 1625, and 1627) in the York Neighborhood by local developers David and Jon Hansen under Cottonwood Units, LLC. Continue reading

When is a “rail loop” not a loop/track? BP Cherry point / FB post, Sj Robson

 bp cherry point gets extra track
June 10 at 11:20am  by Sj Robson on Facebook

Whatcom County planning and development continues to be asleep at the wheel on the BP crude by rail facility. When is a “rail loop” not a rail loop/track? When BP’s project plans describe it only in linear feet instead of describing it as a “third loop” but then show the “third loop” in a diagram of the facility. Continue reading

Farmworker/Sakuma Farms issue / FB post, Sj Robson

sakuma June 12 at 5:23pm  by Sj Robson on Facebook
Just posted this to The Bellingham Herald Politics Blog Facebook Page. Let’s put the pressure on the Herald to start covering the important that has been ongoing for years now. Below, is the content of my post:

Why isn’t The Bellingham Herald reporting on this important issue that other news media is reporting on?

The farmworkers/Sakuma Farms issue is not simply a Skagit issue, especially because many wholesale farmers in Whatcom County are customers of Sakuma Farms. Continue reading

Every picture tells a story

whatcom falls water color full size
Welcome to Noisy Waters Northwest! Many facts, figures, stories, and perspectives are, sadly, often unheralded in Whatcom County, Washington.  Click on the title of items on our story board for a refreshing splash of information that won’t be held back. There is a search page to search all information on this blog site. All posts note their categories of commentary or news related content. Continue reading