When is a “rail loop” not a loop/track? BP Cherry point / FB post, Sj Robson

 bp cherry point gets extra track
June 10 at 11:20am  by Sj Robson on Facebook

Whatcom County planning and development continues to be asleep at the wheel on the BP crude by rail facility. When is a “rail loop” not a rail loop/track? When BP’s project plans describe it only in linear feet instead of describing it as a “third loop” but then show the “third loop” in a diagram of the facility.

BP’s obfuscation + the county’s lack of due diligence = No EIS and a permit granted for BP’s bomb trains.

Whatcom County planning and development continues to drop the ball on the BP Rail Logistics (AKA crude oil-by-rail) facility that had somehow managed to receive an MDNS in 2012, which meant that there would not be an EIS required for that project. Whatcom County’s “responsible official” (irresponsible sounds more like it) listed on the SEPA MDNS determination paperwork for that project was then-Planning Manager Tyler Schroeder.

And, what did then-County Planning Manager Tyler Schroeder get for the questionable handling of the BP crude by rail project? He received a promotion in April 2014 from County Executive Jack Louws. Schroeder’s new title is Whatcom County’s Executive Office Special Projects Manager.

“Ryan said her staff also questioned whether the new loop would change any wetland impacts, which would have required further environmental review, but the plans showed there would be no net difference in that area.”

“no net difference in that area”?
I’m not so sure about that. . .


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