WBA, under the leadership of President Tony Larson, uses propaganda that can mislead the public /Facebook post, Sj Robson


Initial text and graphic displayed, as of this writing (02/25/2017), by Whatcom Business Alliance on preservecherrypoint.com , a webpage used by the WBA for eliciting oppositional emails to proposed Whatcom County planning policy that would study legal ways the County can work to limit unrefined fossil fuel exports above levels in existence as of July 5, 2016

2 hrs  February 25, 2016  Sandy Robson

Once again, Cherry Point fossil fuel industry advocate Whatcom Business Alliance (WBA), under the leadership of its President Tony Larson, uses propaganda that misleads the public, in an effort to motivate people to submit WBA’s form-generated comments on the Cherry Point Amendments to the County Comprehensive Plan Update, currently under review by Whatcom County Council. Continue reading

The Whatcom County Planning Commission Presents Theater of The Absurd: The Cherry Point Amendments / Facebook Post, Whatcom Hawk, Wendy Harris


Click the graphic to view the November 1, 2016 Cherry Point Memo and attached documents which are part of the meeting materials for the November 10, 2016 Planning Commission work session on the Cherry Point amendments

4:25am  November 5, 2016  Wendy Harris
The County Planning Commission is meeting on Thursday, the 10th, (6:30 PM in council chambers) and I was extremely disappointed to review on the agenda the ridiculous “alternative approaches” for the SEPA review, trumped up by the administration in the hopes of derailing the Weimer Cherry Point amendments. Continue reading

Now posted: County Comprehensive Plan Comments sent to Council / Noisy Waters Northwest

comp plan council 2016 comments

Update, February 19, 2016:  In an effort to make information more easily accessible to the public, Whatcom County staff has been working on adjusting their method of posting  “2016 County Council Comp Plan and UGA Comments.”   The information below is in reference to the comments as they were posted on the county website from January 29, 2016 to February 18, 2016.  I am leaving this posted since the excerpts from the material of people who submitted comments may still be useful to people. And perhaps some record of how the comments were originally presented will be of some importance in the future.  I will do another post about the current way the comments are posted very soon.

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