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Update, February 19, 2016:  In an effort to make information more easily accessible to the public, Whatcom County staff has been working on adjusting their method of posting  “2016 County Council Comp Plan and UGA Comments.”   The information below is in reference to the comments as they were posted on the county website from January 29, 2016 to February 18, 2016.  I am leaving this posted since the excerpts from the material of people who submitted comments may still be useful to people. And perhaps some record of how the comments were originally presented will be of some importance in the future.  I will do another post about the current way the comments are posted very soon.

January 30, 2016  Dena Jensen

Over on the Whatcom County Council webpage there is a link for the freshly uploaded (as of Friday, January 29, 2016) public comments to date on the county’s Comprehensive Plan Update. I do not know how complete the list is currently.  I do know, for example, that comments have not yet been posted that were made by testimony at the Public Hearing on Tuesday January 26, 2016.  The comments that are listed have been placed, by and large, under the date they were distributed to the council members, with multiple comments included in the PDF files for each date link.

To help shed a little light on the contents of those dated links, I am starting with posting a list of the names of the people whose comments are included in the PDF file links for each date.  This is an unofficial list, and please feel free to offer corrections in the comment section below if you find mistakes. I will update my lists to reflect a more accurate representation, should any of us find errors!

And yes, if you click the date links below, it will take you to the list of comments for those dates on the county website. Also, I will be adding excerpts of the comments to give just a taste of the topic covered by each person.  Errors in the quoted content may be a result of copying the testimony from PDF files. PDF viewing applications rely on character recognition software to copy content.  For complete copies of the original content that provide much greater detail and more illuminating perspective and research than what is represented here, please visit Whatcom County’s website to view their PDF copies.

Here is the link for the Final Environmental Impact Statement (Final EIS) on November 12, 2015 for the proposed adoption of the 2016 Comprehensive Plan and Development Regulations Update and Urban Growth Area (UGA) Review:

Here is the address to submit your comment to the Whatcom County Council:

 2016 County Council Comp Plan and UGA Comments by date:

January 11

Darcy Jones : “The LCA analysis for the COB and its UGA should be carefully re-evaluated and adjustments should be made to the potential land capacity. Once this new information is available it should be presented to the City Council for re-consideration of its position related to UGA adjustments.”
Sandy Robson: “Taking into account all of the information I have provided in this detailed comment, I request that the “Employment at Cherry Point” report, and any information contained in it, not be included in our County Comprehensive Plan. For Whatcom County staff and/or government to allow Hodges’ and Byers’ “Employment at Cherry Point” report (or any information in it) to be included in, or referenced in, any element in the Whatcom County Comprehensive Plan, would be extremely inappropriate as the reports’ authors utilized references and sources which demonstrate the findings are likely to show bias.”
Max and Carole Perry: “Gary Honcoop’s term is up on the Planning Commission, he is reapplying and we heartily recommend the County Council affirm the choice of Gary Honcoop to another term on the Planning Commission.”
Sandy Robson: “Additionally, I ask that no ongoing or future development be allowed in currently designated oil-by-rail blast zones until such a study is conducted and completed.
“Please include the following policy as recommended by Lummi Nation: ‘The shipment of coal, or crude oil, from any new shipping terminal or pier, or any existing terminal or pier, is prohibited.’

January 12

Ann Russel, RE Souces/League of Women Voters: “Last summer RESources’ WaterWork Program and the League of Women Voters embarked on an exciting partnership called the Comp Plan Road Show.
“The program was wildly successful. We helped break down barriers, inform citizens, register voters, and facilitate public participation in the Comp Plan update process. Attached is our introduction letter and a report on the program.”
Dena Jensen: “We are at a point in our history where it is critical to determine and present what those incompatible uses are that make for a destructive, unhealthy, and ultimately unlivable atmosphere. It should not be stated in our Comprehensive Plan that it is the policy of Whatcom County to foster the growth of industry based on the wage level it offers. There are too many priorities ahead of those of how much money the people working in and running a particular industry make.”
Becky Boxx: “The Whatcom County Council will hold a public hearing regarding the periodic update of the Whatcom County Comprehensive Plan and the urban growth area (UGA) review, which are both required by the Growth Management Act under RCW 36.70A.130. The Comprehensive Plan update and UGA review must be completed by June 30, 2016. The County Council will review the Comprehensive Plan amendments recommended by the Whatcom County Planning Commission over the next five to six months. It is anticipated that the County Council will adopt an ordinance amending the Whatcom County Comprehensive Plan and UGAs by the end of June 2016.”

January 13

Matt Aamot: “Per the County Council’s COTW meeting yesterday, the County Planning Commission minutes from 9/24/2015 and 10/22/2015 relating to the Commission’s deliberations on Bellingham UGA are attached.”
Charles Law: “As we look closely at the false reasoning behind our growth assumptions, we see everything is based and influenced by energy.
“By the year 2036, oil will be more expensive and less accessible.
We can’t wait to debate the issue then. For then it will be too late.”

January 19

Jim Hansen: “Remember that there is no compromise between a clean environment and a strong economy. The former is the basis for the latter. Those who lobby otherwise are seeking to protect short term personal gains.”
Brooks Anderson: “Thanks Jim: Your points will help me respond at the public hearing.”
Dena Jensen:  “I was happy to see a tab has been added, “2016 Comments to
Council”, to the page where comments are posted online for the Comprehensive Plan. I believe it would be very helpful to public involvement to devote attention to posting as many incoming comments to Whatcom County Council as is possible during this week preceding the hearing.”

January 20

Pam Borso: “There is blatant language to protect property rights at the expense of public safety with regard to water quantity, quality and development. We all win when the environment is protected for all of us, plants, animals and people.”
Becky Box:  “The Whatcom County Council will be reviewing the recommendations at their upcoming meetings. Agendas for future County Council meetings and an additional public hearing on the Comprehensive Plan Update and UGA review will be posted on the County Council website at:”
Bill Henshaw: “I am sure that neither the Lummi’s or Resources would want or appreciate a total ban on their business operations that they are currently involved in. I would encourage the Lummi Nation to wait until the EIS has been completed and then come to the negotiating table to arrive at a fair and equitable accommodation.”
Bill Henshaw: “I would hope that you would scrutinize very carefully the Bellingham contribution to the Comprehensive Plan. They are not adequately calculating how much housing can be put in various areas.”
Wendy Harris: “I urge the county to re-examine and adjust the Berk population projections before moving forward with the comp. plan update. The county acted wisely in starting the review process for this update several years ago. This gave the county adequate time to meet its GMA obligations.”
Marcel Gibeault: “At a time in History, when we need Industrial Jobs the most to sustain the people with their income and to maintain this Counties Tax Base. I am aghast, that the Construction ofthe Coal Port and now the very existence of the Cherry Port Refineries are at stake.”
Jim Hansen: “Attached are a Comments Letter on Chapter 8 Resource Lands and an edited Chapter 8 with proposed changes highlighted in yellow. We trust that you will give them serious consideration.”
Darcy Jones:  “In anticipation of your public hearing on January 26th I have attached a compilation of written testimony which was provided to the City of Bellingham Planning Commission and City Council last spring and summer related to the Comprehensive Plan update. The list includes materials prepared on behalf of Caitac, USA by myself (Jones Engineers, Inc.) as well as Bob Carmichael (Carmichael-Clark) and Hart Hodges (WWU Center for Economic Studies).”
Betsy Pernotto:  “A clean environment is the basis for a strong economy–there does not need to be compromise of the former to provide the latter.”
Bob Marshall:  “At this point in Whatcom County’s history, probably the most important item in the comprehensive plan is to make sure we are not contributing to global warming. Specifically, this means that we must not permit or build an export terminal at Cherry Point.”

January 21

Kenn Mann: “Thank you for your testimony. Based on your demonstrated knowledge of the Bill of Rights, I assume you are aware that freedom of speech is also a central principle of our government. With that in mind, I do not anticipate that we will restrict anybody’s right to have an opinion nor restrict their right to communicate that opinion to the government.”
Jeff and Irene Schwab: “I for one believe the future expansion and use of any new facility would be a real plus for this part of the state. We’ve allready lost many good paying jobs in Whatcom County related to major engineering and manufacturing companies. Lets not help it happen again.”
Bill Warner: “We have a responsibility to be active in this process to ensure it represents the values of the people who call Whatcom County home. Developers, dirty industry, and property rights extremists have all had their say-both in this plan and those that came before it. Those of us who understand the importance of keeping our air clean and our water healthy must now stand up and make our voices heard. We must seize this responsibility and use what we’ve learned to inform a better plan for tomorrow-one where our community moves toward carbon neutrality and the well-paying, clean energy jobs of the 21st century.”
Satpal Sidhu: “My thoughts are for numerous other submissions by diverse groups and individuals weighing in on the subject of Comp Plan Update.”
Suzi Pickett: “I propose a ban on the use of the Silver Reef Casino until such a time as the stop attacking our jobs”
Ray Pierce: “I have been through one plant closure in Whatcom County when Georgia Pacific closed their doors. At that time environmental extremists were claiming that they wanted to protect mother earth. The equipment at GP was sold to overseas operators where the effluent and air emissions are most likely being discharged into our global eco-system untreated. It is in the best interest of everyone on the planet to keep industry here where we have strict controls and are able to oversee and watchdog the big industries.”
Wendy Harris: “Please find attached a comment on the LCA for the camp. plan for county council review. I would appreciate it if you could post this to the county website under public comments. I hope that other comments will be posted there prior to the public hearing on Tuesday as many of us rely on this comments for an understanding of the hot button issues and the arguments that need to be addressed.”

January 22

Wendy Harris: “I think it is time to make some significant changes. First, we need to admit that AG is the largest source of water quality degradation in Whatcom County. A majority of the problem is the result of livestock, and massive amounts of manure produced by cows. To pretend that dogs, or geese are the source of excessive nutrient loading is to deny the connection already established by science.”
John McLaughlin: “You have not been well served by outside consultants who lack the requisite experience in population forecasting. I have worked to meet your need for reliable population projections, at no cost to the County. I would be happy to assist you further in whatever capacity you would find useful. Regardless, I caution you against committing County resources and our home to decisions based on erroneous projections.”
Nick Mullins: “I caution you and your wonderful community not to make the same mistakes we have witnessed in Appalachia. I would also ask that you consider the impacts your decision will have, not only on your own community, but communities that will be affected elsewhere”

January 23

Randall and Cheryl Marston: “Perhaps the USCG has to be approached about improving their capabilities to meet foreign tankers before they port for our exports.    It is one thing to wave off a coal terminal, but we cannot afford to lose what we are so fortunate to have already. Thank you for having the backbone to see what is better, and not give in to loud, elitist voices who want playgrounds for free.”
Satpal Sidhu: “I have been studying these numbers for past few months. Being an engineer (not a statistician) I would like some scientific justifications for the underlying assumptions used by PDS and BERK. It is my life experience that there are many ways to showcase the same numbers to reach different conclusions.”
Bernell Walz: “I wholeheartedly agree with Ms Windy Harris comments which I copy & paste Below. Please consider the most recent data available that the Berk report has not considered or choose to ignore.    I implore that you consider the thoughts all of the residents of Whatcom county & not just those with vested interest in growth.”

January 24

Sandy Robson: “I urge the Whatcom County Council to add this policy to the Comp Plan, and to help our County’s Comp Plan include policies and guidelines which will move us in the direction of a more sustainable and better future, rather than policies and guidelines which encourage businesses and industries such as the heavy industrial ones at Cherry Point that I referenced above.”
Eric Hirst: “I write about the county’s forthcoming Comprehensive Plan ahead of this week’s public hearing. These comments address three critical issues that, in my view, merit additional attention: population projection, agricultural lands, and water resources.”
Brian Thompson: “I would like to voice my support for new businesses that wish to come into Whatcom County and for existing businesses already here that want to expand.”
Jodie Thompson: “I would like to voice my support for new businesses that wish to come into Whatcom County and for existing businesses already here that want to expand.”
Mike Elliott: “On behalf of the over 3,000 railroad workers operating trains in Washington State, we are OPPOSED to any changes in the Whatcom County Comprehensive Plan (CCP) that would prohibit shipment of coal or crude oil from any new or existing shipping terminal or pier. Furthermore, we are OPPOSED to any “down-zoning” of the Cherry Point Industrial Area away from its present zoning classification.”

January 25

Wendy Harris: “Please accept these comment on the AG section of the natural resources Chapter, Chapter 8 of the Comp. Plan. I anticipate filing a part 2 later that will complete my comments on the entirety of the AG policies and goals.”
Wendy Harris: “Many people, including myself, are upset that no public comments have been pasted on the county website since Jan. 8th. The GMA requires broad public process for a comp. plan update and with the public hearing on Tuesday, people are eager to see what others have submitted. Can you please explain this situation to me?”
Wendy Harris: “We all know that manure is a big problem here is Whatcom County, yet the Ag community refuses to accept responsibility for the nitrate contamination that most likely is occurring through leaking manure lagoons. And given enough time, ALL lagoons will leak. I am attaching here a paper that discusses the issue and the problem based on the facts and BAS.”
Paula Rotundi forwarded by PDS: “I am writing in support of a comment previously submitted by the Lummi Nation Planning Department regarding the Whatcom County Comprehensive Plan update. The Lummi Nation Planning Department’s December 10, 2015 letter requested that the following policy and language be added to the Comp Plan: ‘The shipment of coal, or crude oil, from any new shipping terminal or pier, or any existing terminal or pier, is prohibited.'”
Paul Rotundi forwarded by PDS: Duplicate of above
Jack Louws forwarded by Dana Brown-Davis/Matt Aamot/Mark Personius: “Thank you for your comments concerning the Comprehensive Plan update. I appreciate your interest in this important planning document. I am forwarding this to the Planning Department for inclusion into the record of public testimony.”
Tim Trohimovich, Futurewise: “Enclosed please find Futurewise’s comments for the Final Planning Commission Recommendations for the 2016 Comprehensive Plan Periodic Update and Urban Growth Area (UGA) Review (Jan. 14, 2016) for the County Council’s January 26, 2016 public hearing. The referenced supporting documents will follow in several emails.”
Joe Murphy forwarded by Dana Brown-Davis/Matt Aamot/Mark Personius/Jack Louws: “Our County has lost several large employers in the last 15 years, Georgia Pacific, Alcoa, and CH2MHILL. Once lost it is very difficult to attract family wage jobs back. Please represent the people in this county and state by supporting and planning for industry to thrive in the future.”
Bill Neth: “‘Industry at Cherry Point is valuable to our families, the community, non-profits and our government coffers and ought to be encouraged and supported’ or ‘Please support family wage jobs by supporting Cherry Point Industry in the Camp Plan’.”
Daniel Probst: “If you haven’t received this yet, attached is the letter from the Whatcom Parks commission in support of the Bellingham-Mount Baker trail. The motion is below. At the time the letter was approved the commission had finished there revisions to the Whatcom County Parks and Recreation Open Space Plan. This being the case letter was directed to the council for your action.”
Paul Woodcock, Chairman Whatcom County Parks and Recreation Committee: “I am writing on behalf of the Whatcom County Parks and Recreation Commission asking for the Council’s support of a proposed trail corridor connecting the City of Bellingham to the summit of Mount Baker. The effort to develop the Bellingham-Mount Baker Trail is driven by a nonprofit citizen’s organization, the Cascade Mountain Runners. Daniel Probst of the Cascade Mountain Runners has addressed the Commission regularly over the past year, updating the commission on the group’s efforts. At our October 15th meeting the Commission approved a motion to support the proposed Bellingham-Mount Baker Trail effort and ask the County Council to consider adding this trail corridor to Chapter 9 of the Whatcom County Comprehensive Plan. The motion passed with four Commissioners supporting, none opposed and two abstentions.”
Wendy Steffensen, Cherry Point Aquatic Reserve Citizen Stewardship Committee: “As a citizen committee working for the betterment of The Cherry Point Aquatic Reserve we want to thank you for the opportunity to comment on the comprehensive plan update. We believe that our roles as volunteer stewards of one of the Washington State Aquatic Reserves under the management of the Washington Department of Natural Resources(DNR) gives us unique perspectives on the Cherry Point section of the Land Use Chapter.”
Bob Aegerter: “I wish to express my concern about Policy 8A-2 Item 10:
Mitigation for loss of productive agricultural lands, including loss due to policy implementation such as critical areas ordinance, etc.”
Wendy Steffensen/Cherry Point Aquatic Reserve Citizen Stewardship Committee: “We have reviewed the letter from the Lummi Indian Business Council, dated December 10, 2015 to Whatcom County Planning and Development on the subject of the Cherry Point UGA Proposal . We are in agreement with the Lummi that new shipments of coal or oil from Cherry Point would be detrimental to the environment and quality of life in Whatcom County. We ask that you strongly consider adopting their recommended policy changes.”
Bob Aegerter/Tim Trohimovich: “Futurwise Director of Planning and Law Tim Trohimovich submitted the following letter to the Whatcom County Planning Commission concerning significant issues in the draft.    I do not believe these issues were reviewed by the Planning Commission and I urge you to seriously consider them in your review process.”
Abe Jacobson: “Our Comprehensive Plan must ensure that County planning protects the Lummi future, and that means allowing no activity that would further imperil the biological integrity of the Salish Sea. We are parties to that treaty, and if our pledge of allegiance recited at the start of meetings is to mean something, then we must support that treaty in this way.
“For that reason, I ask Council to fully adopt the changes to the Comprehensive Plan proposed by the Lummi Indian Business Council in their letter of 10 December 2015. The County should allow no crude-oil exports,and for that matter, no crude-carbon exports. The activities at the Cherry Point industrial zone should be maintained at their present level and with their present mission, and must not be expanded to include crude export.”
Tim Trohimovich, Futurewise: “Here is the second batch of supporting documents.”
Tim Trohimovich, Futurewise: “Here is the third and final batch of supporting documents. Thank you for considering them.”
Carole Jacobson: “Include a renewable energy policy and plans to create clean jobs and move us towards gaining carbon neutrality. Include complete guidelines for without clean water there is no future. Secure sufficient clean water to sustain farms, fish and people and preserve farms and forests from urban creep and sprawling developments.”
Max and Carole Perry: “Please listen to your citizen committees and especially the Planning Commission, who has invested hours and hours of listening and researching to give you information so the Council has a solid base on which to make their Camp Plan Update decisions.”
Sandy Robson: “In summary, I request that the statement asserting that the Whatcom PUD No. 1 has a surplus of water supply throughout the 20-year planning period, be revised in the County Comp Plan, because I believe it is incorrect, and therefore the County would be irresponsible to plan according to that premise.”

January 26

Charlie Drury: “A healthy economy involves both retail, business and industrial. DO NOT SUPPORT THE LUMMI NATION OR RESOURCES request to include new language in the comprehensive plan. This terminal is far more then coal. Our nation health is dependent upon means to export goods (grain and other commodities) that would access such a terminal. The local refineries are essential for Whatcom County health and business. We have heard that again and again from unlikely business sources and research that have no direct gain from such comments and research.”
John Munson: “To change the zoning on an area that has been historically available for industry sends the wrong message to employers that might like to locate in here. Even though some people of the county might not like the fact that our economy is tied to fossil fuels it would be unfair to change the zoning designation at this time. The employer who is trying to have a terminal sited at Cherry Point , who has acted in good faith and has followed the rules should not have the parameters of the process changed while they are halfway through the evaluation and adjudication of this issue. They should not have to try and hit a moving target. If this zoning designation is changed it is the start of a slide down a slippery slope where there will be no living wage jobs left in the County”
Mike Coffman forwarded by Jack Louws: “Industry at Cherry Point is valuable to our families, the community, non-profits and our government coffers and ought to be encouraged and supported. Please don’t allow anything that will hinder an already struggling and declining middle class. I’ve worked in the trades over a decade and have seen a slow steady decline in good jobs. We’re not all born to be doctors and lawyers. Those of us that choose to work with are hands for a living deserve a fair wage and the opportunity to work. Whatcom County needs industry. Please support family wage jobs by supporting Cherry Point Industry in the Comp Plan.”
Lisa Haveman forwarded by Jack Louws: “I believe the current employers and their activities at the Cherry Point Heavy Industrial Zone are a significant, important, and obvious economic driver in Whatcom County. I do not wish to use the update process of the Whatcom County Comprehensive Plan to downzone and “de-industrialize” this important industrial area, which would have significant negative economic impact on local families, non profits, taxing authorities, and others who rely on the success of those businesses.”
Luke Kaemingk forwarded by Jack Louws: I read that there’s a push to de-industrialize Cherry Point in the new comprehensive plan. I hope that’s not a serious consideration, but if it is, it would be very detrimental to our economy. Please don’t do something like that!
Puget Safety forwarded by Jack Louws: “We want to let you know that we wish to voice our support for the current employers and their activities at the Cherry Point Heavy Industrial Zone. These folks play a very significant and important role in our local economy and the feeder industries throughout the County.”
Jeff Ten Pas, BAI Environmental Services forwarded by Jack Louws: “The industry at Cherry Point is a driver of our economic prosperity in Whatcom County. Our partnership with them allows us to pay family wages and benefits to our employees. Please reject any language in the Whatcom County Comprehensive Plan that does not support future growth and prosperity at Cherry Point.”
Butch Edison forwarded by Jack Louws: no content
Tani Sutley forwarded by Jack Louws: “I am forwarding my attached letter and documentation regarding shoreline uses and abuses. I have copied Sam Ryan at the Planning and Development office, Ecology and the council. I know you value making our county a wonderful place to live or to relocate to as many are doing. I hope you will work to finish this issue of illegal use o f properties without proper permits.”
Mike Coffman forwarded by Jack Louws: “Industry at Cherry Point is valuable to our families, the community, non-profits and our government coffers and ought to be encouraged and supported. Please don’t allow anything that will hinder an already struggling and declining middle class. I’ve worked in the trades over a decade and have seen a slow steady decline in good jobs. We’re not all born to be doctors and lawyers. Those of us that choose to work with are hands for a living deserve a fair wage and the opportunity to work. Whatcom County needs industry. Please support family wage jobs by supporting Cherry Point Industry in the Comp Plan.”
Jacqueline Eberli: “While yes, the comprehensive needs to include language to protect farm land and the water supply, one of the provisions being pushed by other environmental groups and the Lummi tribe makes little sense, is incredibly narrow in its focus on who might have nay benefit, and in fact is incredibly detrimental to all of the other citizens it would effect.”
Ivan Devries forwarded by Jack Louws: “Please read my letter on concerns with wording on the Cherry Point industry.”
Jean Melious, Attorney for Eric Hirst, Laura Leigh Brakke, Wendy Harris, David Stalheim: “Our comments on the staff recommendation for the 2016 Comprehensive Plan update are attached. Five documents are also attached, as listed in the letter.”
Alan Spalding: “I stridently urge you all to ignore the Special Interest Activists and listen to the People of Whatcom County. We need Progress and Economic Development. Granted it should be carefully managed and no one disagrees with that. However we desperately need JOBS and hope for the future that brings for everyone.”
Jim Dickinson: “RE. Lummi Island Heritage Trust Aiston Preserve.
The Lummi Island Land Company (LILCO), established in 1912, owns the property directly to the South of the above proposed Preserve site. While we have no objection to the project, our Company has some concerns about our proximately to it.
Our main concern is about recreational visitors to the Preserve trespassing on our property and otherwise causing problems. The Preserve will be, in a legal terms, “an attractive nuisance”, where it becomes a destination point for the public.”
Allen Sytsma forwarded by Jack Louws: “Industry at Cherry Point is valuable to our families,the community,nonprofits and government coffers and ought to be encouraged and supported. Please support family wage jobs by supporting Cherry Point industry in the Comprehensive Plan.”
Spencer Palmer forwarded by Jack Louws: “I am writing this email to encourage you to support industry at Cherry Point in the comprehensive plan. I manage an industrial electrical/instrumentation construction and engineering company that has been working at Cherry Point for 16 years. Our company has averaged about 75 full time equivalent electricians as well as a support staff of roughly 15 people. We have also expanded into engineering work with 11 more employees. All of these are good paying jobs with medical benefits and retirement. These are the kinds of jobs that communities are built on.”
Carole Peterson: “Please leave the Cherry Point industrial zoning alone. This County really needs more industries to survive not less. Please don’t give in to the Disaster Mongers.”
George Sicalides: “Do you wish to create new good paying jobs, tax paying industry and opportunity for the residents of Whatcom County? Don’t stand in the way of increased taxes, investment and improvement to the region. Stop the madness of over regulation, lets grow and prosper!”
Dena Jensen: “Please include language and policy in the Whatcom County Comprehensive Plan that will safeguard cultural resources for Lummi Nation and the other cultures within our community and will provide a strong structure to avoid significant adverse impacts to water resources, vegetation, fish/aquatic species and wildlife.”
Jennifer Schneider: “Roger Granger (398-9330) called to express support for industry at Cherry Point Helen Granger called wanting jobs saved George Skowatez (977-7225) wanted to let you know that he supports industry”
Shannon Wright, Communitywise Bellingham: I am writing to encourage you to include a provision in the Whatcom County Comprehensive Plan that ensures a thorough economic assessment is undertaken as part of the county permitting process for any future:
Major projects;
Projects requiring an environmental impact study; and,
Any other projects that could have significant economic downsides, such as the transport of fossil fuels by train or pipeline.
Edward Bosteter: “This proposal to down zone the Cherry Point area is ridiculous. I am an IT contractor at BP Cherry Point and support a family of 5. I could not get the same wage anywhere north of Everett.”
Fred Amundson forwarded by Jack Louws: “Please note that I am opposed to any changes to reduce the zoning at Cherry Point. That area is needed in order to provide our working middle class with jobs that provide a truly working wage. Our economy needs job opportunities for workers that are trained in technical skills. Not everyone can be a Microsoft engineer.”
Marie Beaven forwarded by Jack Louws: ” The economic state of our county is very rocky right now with the closing of Alcoa we have already lost a great deal of family wage jobs. The mentioning of de-industrializing Cherry Point is very scary. I’m not sure what would happen to this community if this were to happen. I hope that you look at all the positive things that Cherry Point does for our community and the revenue it creates and the number of family wage jobs it creates.”
Keith Henderon forwarded by Jack Louws: “Having worked in the service industry for 25 years I can assure you that the service industry cannot afford the amount of revenue that could potentially be lost by “de-industrializing” Cherry Point Heavy Industrial Zone.”
Lee Walkup: “Please consider our concern that the council does NOT ‘down-zone’ the Cherry Point heavy industry area. Beginning with the hope of good jobs beginning with Chicago Bridge and Iron- this area has been an important employer that has been a good steward of the deep water port capacity that is rare and necessary for the continued hope of young families that enjoy Whatcom County and want to raise their families here.” “Please do not ban the use of Cherry Point for the industrial uses for which it has been designated. Do consider that people need these sources of energy to move about and heat their homes and live their lives in this country. And people need family-wage jobs.”

January 27

Nichole Nouwens: “Industry at Cherry Point is valuable to our families, the community, non-profits and our government coffers and ought to be encouraged and supported.”
Lummi Indian Business Council, Kirk Vinish forwarded by Becky Boxx: “I am writing to clarify my letter of December 10, 2015, regarding Whatcom County’s 2015 Urban Growth Area Review (Cherry Point UGA Proposal).
“The existing industrial facilities operating at Cherry Point are important to the local, regional and national economy. Therefore, my earlier comments were directed at future uses outside of the current activities of the area.”
Jason Lee forwarded by Jack Louws: “A few nights ago, on my regular commute home via Graveline road in N. Bellingham, I noticed that someone had dumped a very large pile of garbage. It’s not the first time this section of road over the creek has been dumped on.”
Robert A. Carmichael forwarded by Karen Reich: “I represent Caitac USA, owner of the property commonly referred to as the South Caitac Property in these proceedings. The purpose of this letter is to emphasize one key legal principle of UGA designation which is not often mentioned.    The key principle is that while the GMA requires that UGA’s be large enough to accommodate projected population, it does not state that the projected population limits the amount of land that may be designated as urban.”
Kim Clarkin: “Kudos to the Planning Commission for incorporating a number of statements that recognize the Cherry Point Aquatic Reserve (CPAR) and its Management Plan goals. In the Land Use Regulations section p,2-10, we even state that ‘Updates should improve the integration of the Shoreline Program with Growth Management and with the Cherry Point Aquatic Reserve Management Plan’.    Great!”
Jim Milstead: “I Attended last night’s council meeting and was outraged by the conservative’s proposal to support the SSA Cherry Point monstrosity. This is not only a denial of Lummi treaty rights, but an attempt to gloss over debilitating environmental impacts. The proposal is driven by racism and greed. The buttons slogans that were passed out by the Lunatics need changing. Remove the good jobs now and replace it with Con jobs now.”
Myra Ramos: “One of the comments particularly caught our attention: the request that you ban fracking as part of the Comprehensive Plan. For several years we have been aware of the dreadful contamination of water due to fracking, all over the United States. And we have felt so fortunate here.”
Gary Davis: “As I mentioned at yesterday’s Committee of the Whole meeting, last year the City of Bellingham prepared a development cost comparison for a typical new single family house (see the attached memorandum). The chart on page 3 compares fees and costs in Bellingham with those in Blaine, Ferndale, Lynden and the County. The total costs in the County include typical well and septic costs, and the chart on page 5 shows the potential variation in those costs.”
Satpal Sidhu to Whatcom Business Alliance: “Appreciate your letter and your testimony at the Council meeting last night.  I would, however, like to point out that there is little value in causing a shallow earthquake of scare and concern, based on incomplete information, among your members and their families. While I fully acknowledge the caution and constructive discussion warranted on the matters of business growth, business preservation, and new job creation, however, the manner this is being put forward by a responsible organization like WBA is not leading to any solutions.”
Peter Willing: “There is a myriad of ways in which we can put to use our ingenuity, resourcefulness, and versatile working population to plot a far more desirable economic future for our county. Those pathways depend on husbandry of our agricultural resources, our water, our land base, our educational institutions.
“I support the Lummi proposal to prohibit new transshipment of fossil fuels at Cherry Point. I ask you to do the same.”

January 28

Adrienne Renz, Whatcom Food Network Steering Committee forwarded by PDS Planning Commission: “Attached are the proposed recommendation to sections 7K and the addition of 7L, which we the Whatcom Food Network (WFN) Steering Committee believe reflect the goals of the WFN, and align with commonly shared community values. The WFN Steering Committee is submitting this recommendation as informed parties from various sectors of the Food System with years of looking at this issue as a collaborative group representing areas throughout the food system.”
Whatcom Business Alliance, Tony Larson forwarded by Jack Louws: “Our economy in Whatcom County is fragile, and we need to support industry now more than ever. The co-signers of this letter are representative of WBA membership, Cherry Point industries, and many of their contracting companies. Thank you for your consideration. We look forward to continued engagement on this issue.”

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