January 26, 2016: the date citizens were stopped from participating at an acceptable level in the Whatcom County Comp Plan Update regarding the Cherry Point UGA / Facebook post, Sj Robson

jan 26 council meeting youtube

23 mins  July 25, 2016  Sandy Robson

January 26, 2016. Remember that date because that is the day that the general public, the Lummi Nation, the Suquamish Indian Tribe, the Swinomish Indian Tribal Community and Tulalip Tribes (which submitted Comp Plan Update comments on Cherry Point UGA), and our County Council, were stopped from fully participating, or even participating at any acceptable level, in the County Comp Plan Update process as it relates to Cherry Point UGA.  Continue reading

Obstruction of council members’s abiltiy to carry out their obligations to the public / Letter to the Whatcom County Council, Dena Jensen


July 22, 2016  Dena Jensen

Dear Whatcom County Council:

I have been involved for 5 years in working in opposition to projects at Cherry Point that do or will adversely affect the air, lands, waters, life forms, and/or cultural and spiritual resources located there or the treaty rights of affected tribes, which in turn have or will have an adverse effect on the rest of our region.  The only question has ever been, whether those adverse effects can be lightened to some degree acceptable to either the Lummi and Nooksack Nations or the majority of people in our community. Continue reading

Now posted: County Comprehensive Plan Comments sent to Council / Noisy Waters Northwest

comp plan council 2016 comments

Update, February 19, 2016:  In an effort to make information more easily accessible to the public, Whatcom County staff has been working on adjusting their method of posting  “2016 County Council Comp Plan and UGA Comments.”   The information below is in reference to the comments as they were posted on the county website from January 29, 2016 to February 18, 2016.  I am leaving this posted since the excerpts from the material of people who submitted comments may still be useful to people. And perhaps some record of how the comments were originally presented will be of some importance in the future.  I will do another post about the current way the comments are posted very soon.

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