September 4 deadline for comment: help improve Whatcom Conservation District and their election procedures / Facebook post, Coal Stop

whatcom conservation district voting instructions15 mins  September 3, 2015  Dena Jensen  ACTION

The deadline (tomorrow, Friday, September 4) for comment to help improve the Whatcom Conservation District and their election procedure is upon us! To refresh your memory of what a mess just the voting instructions alone were, there is an annotated photo of those instructions below. Continue reading

A Fishhook in My Belly and DEADLINE is Sept. 4 for Whatcom Conservation District Election comments / Noisy Waters Northwest, Barbara Perry

I have a fish hookSeptember 2, 2015 Barbara Perry ACTION

A Fishhook in My Belly
by Barbara Perry

I have a fish hook in my belly
I can’t get it out
Cattle-hookers slid it there

I try and try to cushion it with words
So many words will surely lessen its grasp
But it keeps clinging sharper and sharper

First it clung to my soft throat
Then it hit my empty belly
Mingling it with more and more words Continue reading