A Fishhook in My Belly and DEADLINE is Sept. 4 for Whatcom Conservation District Election comments / Noisy Waters Northwest, Barbara Perry

I have a fish hookSeptember 2, 2015 Barbara Perry ACTION

A Fishhook in My Belly
by Barbara Perry

I have a fish hook in my belly
I can’t get it out
Cattle-hookers slid it there

I try and try to cushion it with words
So many words will surely lessen its grasp
But it keeps clinging sharper and sharper

First it clung to my soft throat
Then it hit my empty belly
Mingling it with more and more words

I keep hoping it will land in my intestines
So I can defecate it away
Then a simple clipper could cut its cord

The problem is the cattle-hookers really favor cows
They think the fish-saviors will lessen their money powered cows
In Strongly worded blogs they trash eco-terrorists

The many words hooked a few thousand voting souls
Then Tension of all accelerated interest
Of Souls swimming in different directions

Cattle-ones may want to rule their land with money
But money will not cleanse our dirty earth
With conflict comes the challenge

Our mother needs repair
Together we can find answers
Starting with clean water and air

September 4 is the date to send in your thoughts on this
Take ideas to send to power people about this hidden election
To attract our National, State, and Whatcom worlds in true Democracy

Reader, consider filling out the Feedback form on the Washington State Conservation Commission (SCC) site. DEADLINE IS SEPTEMBER 4TH!  Please consider weighing in and fill out the 2015 Election and Appointments Feedback Form here: http://www.formstack.com/forms/?2072656-JfwJs6JKCL

Also, people are advised to submit any comments or concerns by email, letter, phone, or otherwise to Mr. Bill Eller or any Commissioner.:

Email: commission@scc.wa.gov
All the individual emails for commissioners and other contact info (including that one form that is at the bottom) is on the Washington State Conservation Commission website Contact page, including another online form that can be used at the bottom of the page:

Mailing: PO Box 47721    Olympia, WA 98504-7721

Main line: 360-407-6200    Fax line: 360-407-6215
It may also be wise to send it to Governor Inslee as he is ultimately responsible for the districts. Unless, of course you want to give full trust to the Washington Conservation District.

Governor Jay Inslee
Office of the Governor
PO Box 40002Olympia, WA
Email: Send Gov. Inslee an e-message

Barbara Perry’s letter to Governor Inslee (please read her suggested election reform ideas to help formulate ideas of your own to send):

Governor Inslee,

The Whatcom Conservation District recently had over 4,238 votes in their last election for WCD Supervisor (March 10, 2015).  That was an unusually high number of votes in any Washington Conservation District election as most elections usually have less than 50 submitted ballots.  As all citizens own the land and water, this low number needs to be changed; however, many farmers want to protect their strong vote by keeping voting numbers low.

Below, I have outlined my ideas for changing the system so more citizens will see the importance of their vote.

Many voters do not know that there is an election that they may vote in.  Often a small article is printed on the back page of a daily paper but voters do not see it or know about its importance. In 2012, a more progressive paper, Whatcom Watch (WW) let voters in Whatcom County know about this election; consequently, over 1,342 voters submitted ballots. Even though this number is low, it was higher than was submitted in previous years. Then in 2014, more news outlets made sure that citizens knew about the election and that ballots needed to be requested and submitted by March 10, 2015. Thus over 4,238+ ballots were counted.  The “+” is added as the district was not required to keep track of ballots requested and some voters. A past mayor, past city council member, and editor of a liberal news outlet, plus others complained of not getting the ballots they had requested.  Because some voters and news outlets implied that the election may have been fraudulent, Mr. Eller suggested citizens submit ideas to improve the voting process. (Please see some articles referenced below.)

Some ballots were not counted because of technicalities. Mr. Bill Eller attempted to lessen voter concerns by making sure all votes were counted when voter intent was clear.    Mr. Eller requested that  voters submit ideas for changing voter guidelines. I am sending my ideas to him and to you, because essentially you , Governor Inslee, are the lead supervisor of all Washington State Conservation elections.

Please consider the following ideas:

  1. Advertise in all noteworthy news outlets both on-line and in-print in a 400 word article, describing the election and candidate qualifications.
  2. Consider having a representative from the Agricultural Department encourage various candidates to run — not just land owners and farm managers. Since Conservation Districts protect land and water for all citizens, have more candidates qualify, such as recent graduates in related fields; in addition seek farm workers as well as managers, for after all, farm workers must deal with many pesticides and pollutants.  Do not limit the supervisor positions to landowners.
  3. In order to oversee what is happening in the districts, appoint a representative of the Washington state Agricultural Department to report to the greater body. Demand that all meetings have meeting notes posted.
  4. To clarify the duties of the district and draw more citizen voters, rename it to be Land and Water Preservation District. We no longer can use the word “conserve” because much has been lost. “Preserve” is the only reasonable word.
  5. Have all elections for the district take place at regular county elections.  Unlike what farmers may desire, this is not just a farmers’ district.  All land and water is owned by the citizens.

CC: Bill Eller  beller@scc.wa.gov

Below are just a minute selection of the many articles about the Whatcom Conservation District 2015 Election

  1. “Whatcom Conservation District Elections”:  http://www.nwcitizen.com/entry/whatcom-conservation-district-elections
  2. Unofficial election count: “Conservative Helm wins Whatcom”: www.bellinghamherald.com/…/article22281867.htm
  3. Mar 16, 2015 – The Conservation District received more ballots in this race than any … on the Whatcom Conservation District, according to an unofficial count …
  4. “The Whatcom Conservation District Election Is Coming”: www.whatcomwatch.org/php/WW_open.php?id=1781
  5. “Questions of Fraud”: Whatcom Conservation District”: https://noisywatersnw.com/2015/08/09/questions-of-fraud-whatcom-conservation-district-elections-barbara-perry/
    • Cached
    • Aug 9, 2015 – August 8, 2015 Barbara Perry Are all Washington State District elections for the 47 Washington Conservation districts full of fraud? These are …
  6. “Election for highly-contested Whatcom Conservation District”: http://kgmi.com/news/007700-election-for-highly-contested-whatcom-conservation-district-seat-held-today/
  7. “Whatcom Conservation District Election Results”: http://www.whatcomdemocrats.com/story/2012-04-08/whatcom-conservation-district-election-results

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