Conservative Charter Review agenda: “Limit, restrict or prohibit, if possible, the County Council’s powers found in 8.20 and 8.23…” / Facebook post, Sj Robson

dow Feb 215 hrs  July 24, 2015  Sandy Robson

It is clear from a 2-page document (shown in 2 separate photos) attached to Charter Review Commissioner Chet Dow’s February 21, 2015 email to Dave Brumbaugh, what the goal of conservative Charter commissioners was/is. A photo of Dow’s Feb. 21 email is shown in a photo. Continue reading

Updates in the comments section: Who do we want to PETITION to preserve the above Ancient Yew? /



save ancient trees: Yew

Originally posted July 22, 2015, Updated information provided in the comment section of this post August 5, 2015

Who do we want to PETITION to preserve the above Ancient Yew?
1. The Bellingham Mayor Kelli Linnville.  2. To SEPA of City Planning
3. The Co-op Board, including the Director Jim Ashby, and share-holders Continue reading

Mayor Gary Jensen’s Coal-Fired Pants / Coal Stop, Sandy Robson

by Sandy Robson
mayors pants 2After reading their 2015 Whatcom County Voters’ Pamphlet, some voters could wonder if Port of Bellingham Commissioner candidate Gary Jensen’s pants are on fire. Current Ferndale Mayor Gary Jensen’s candidate statement in the “Whatcom County Official Local Voters’ Pamphlet” seems to be an odd manifesto which contradicts the mayor’s actions. Continue reading