Cooking the County Council, Voters will consider some new recipes in November / Cascadia Weekly

5 district mapWednesday, July 15, 2015  Bob Simmons

Imagine a giant pie made of Whatcom County blueberries, sliced into three pieces. Delicious, except that each piece of the pie wraps around a fried oyster and a dollop of garlic butter.

Whatcom County’s three council districts are a bit like that. Each district contains a piece of Bellingham. Each has a swath of berry fields or mountains or seacoast, and a small town or two, all worthy of a full-color page in Whatcom Places. They all contain a piece of Bellingham. Mix them together and they clash like garlic and blueberries. Conflict seems always at hand.

Fired-up citizens from all three electoral districts jammed last week’s County Council meeting and overflowed into the rotunda, many of them already angry before the Pledge of Allegiance began. […]

Read more of Bob’s article in Cascadia Weekly here.

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