Mental Health and the New Whatcom County Jail / Evergreen State Jounal, Bill Walker

Evergreen state journalJuly 20, 2015  Bill Walker

It is very sad that at the height of the economic crash of 2008 to 2010 Washington State looked to the mental health field to cut expenses in an attempt to maintain other budgets around the state.

At the time, people with in the social services departments, warned that this was certainly a misguided way to balance a budget and that it would eventually need fixing if this portion of our society was to ever get the care they deserved. And last year the Washington State Supreme Court stepped in and found the state in violation of these people’s civil and constitutional rights with the way they were being warehoused in emergency rooms around the state with out any legal representation what so ever. […]

Read more of Bill’s post on Evergreen State Journal here.

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