Jan Peters Brings Traditional Irish Folk Music to Boundary Bay Brewery / Whatcom Talk, Dana Hubanks

live music bellingham

Jan Peters produces and curates Irish and Folk Nights at Boundary Bay Brewery.

  Dana Hubanks

The first time I met Jan Peters I was busking outside the Community Food Co-op. It was the middle of February and my hands were moving sluggishly from the cold.

Jan came up, listened for a while, then pulled a harmonica from his pocket and started playing along. Immediately I could tell he had a way with music.

When I introduced myself, Jan handed me his card and told me about an open mic he hosted at the Star Club just around the corner. “You should come,” he told me. So, I did.

Since then, I’ve discovered just how embedded Jan is in the Bellingham music community. […]

Read more of Dana’s post on Whatcom Talk here.


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