Updates in the comments section: Who do we want to PETITION to preserve the above Ancient Yew? / http://www.bellinghamyew.org



save ancient trees: Yew

Originally posted July 22, 2015, Updated information provided in the comment section of this post August 5, 2015

Who do we want to PETITION to preserve the above Ancient Yew?
1. The Bellingham Mayor Kelli Linnville.  2. To SEPA of City Planning
3. The Co-op Board, including the Director Jim Ashby, and share-holders

We are requesting with this Website and Petition, that alternate Redesign Proposals be considered, by the Co-op Board, and SEPA of the Planning Commission, during the two-week public comment period).  
Please read the website Tab: Parking Lot Numbers.  Our numbers, put together by a general contractor, were taken from the published redesign plan, on the front page of the Co-op News, published April 2015.  Our numbers are approximations from this Plan and walking the property;  we are simply requesting full disclosure to membership. […]

Read more about the petition to save the Ancient Yew here.

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