A Tea Party by any other name / Noisy Waters Northwest, Sandy Robson

rip whatcom tea party

March 26, 2017  Sandy Robson

The Whatcom Tea Party is ostensibly defunct.  A March 12, 2017, email newsletter sent by the Whatcom Tea Party’s “Town Crier,” to the group’s email mailing list subscribers, stated in part:

“It is with some regret, but also the knowledge that it was a great catalyst, that the Whatcom Tea Party closed its doors effective January 27, 2017, so that we can continue to move forward with our new projects. The tea party lives on, but with new names and new organizations.

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PDC Complaint Filed against Clear Ballot Choices (Pacific International Terminals LLC) / Noisy Waters Northwest

pdc complaint cbcOctober 30, 2015  Dena Jensen

As if you didn’t know it in your heart of hearts! Here’s an inside look by way of this Public Disclosure Commission complaint at how things went down when and where we, the public, couldn’t see it, with the last minute emergence of the Clear Ballot Choices political action committee formed by Gateway Pacific coal terminal project co-owner (with Cloud Peak Energy) and SSA Marine subsidiary, Pacific International Terminals. Continue reading

Conservative Charter Review agenda: “Limit, restrict or prohibit, if possible, the County Council’s powers found in 8.20 and 8.23…” / Facebook post, Sj Robson

dow Feb 215 hrs  July 24, 2015  Sandy Robson

It is clear from a 2-page document (shown in 2 separate photos) attached to Charter Review Commissioner Chet Dow’s February 21, 2015 email to Dave Brumbaugh, what the goal of conservative Charter commissioners was/is. A photo of Dow’s Feb. 21 email is shown in a photo. Continue reading