The Hansen’s Giant Rental Megaplex – Part 2 / Northwest Citizen, Dick Conoboy

Coming to Your Neighborhood Soon!

Tue, Aug 04, 2015, 10:14 am  Dick Conoboy

The saga continues.

Local lawyers Belcher and Swanson threw the legal equivalent of a hissy fit while representing Cottonwood Units LLC – otherwise known as David and Jon Hansen of Lakeway Realty.

This tantrum was in response to the city’s “delay” in permitting the Hansens’ Iron Street rental megaplexes, even though under code the city has until September 28th to respond. Without a hint of embarassment at having been caught with their hand in the rental-unit cookie jar, the Hansens, through their attorneys, demanded in high dudgeon the immediate issuance of building permits for five-bedroom plus two bonus room “homes.” […]

Read Dick’s complete article on NorthwestCitizen here.

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