Primary Election Results Analysis / Politics Whatcom, James Gibson

tags politics whatcomAugust 10, 2015  James Gibson

I haven’t made a post in about three months. I recently moved to a new house in Bellingham, and it took a while for the internet to be hooked up.

That being said, I have an analysis of the primary election results.

County Council District One Election–

Even for the liberal District One, this election went even more liberal than usual. The two “left-wing” candidates, former county councilmember Emily Weaver and Charter Review Comissioner Todd Donovan collectively received over 72 percent of the vote. The two “right-wing” candidates were former Bellingham City Councilmember and jail activist Bruce Ayers, and conservative activist and 2010 county council candidate Theresa Sygitowicz. […]

Read James’ complete post on Politics Whatcom here.

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