Fraser Surrey Docks amendment commenting deadline is August 21 / Facebook post, Coal Stop

20 hrs  August 13, 2015  Dena Jensen

Deadline for public comments for the The Fraser Surrey Docks amendment is August 21st, so get busy! 

A summary of the amendment and ways to submit your comments are below.  The graphic is from a June summary of comments from the last comment period in May. Parts in red are my notations and a comment I recently sent in follows the amendment summary and submission instructions.

Round 2 Public Consultation
“Application to Amend Permit No. 2012 – 072 Direct Transfer Coal Facility
July 17 – August 21, 2015

“Fraser Surrey Docks LP (FSD) has applied to amend its existing permit from Port Metro Vancouver that gives it approval to build and operate a Direct Transfer Coal Facility within its existing lease area. FSD’s decision to proceed with the amendment application followed a public comment period (May 4 to 19, 2015) and a technical review of the results of updated studies.

“The proposed amendment would allow FSD to load coal directly from the facility to ocean-going vessels, which would eliminate or reduce the number of barges required. If the amendment is granted it would have no impact on the volume of coal permitted to be shipped through Fraser Surrey Docks.

“Please read the discussion guide to review the changes to the existing permit for which FSD has applied and provide feedback on the proposed changes to the project design, as well as on the results of the studies associated with the proposed amendment.
Discussion Guide and Feedback Form (PDF)  Online Feedback Form:

“How Can I Provide Feedback?

• Provide a written submission
• Register by telephone or email to attend a small group meeting (see details below)

Correspondence and Inquiries

Phone: 604-891-1695



Mail: PO Box 2233 Vancouver Main, Vancouver, BC V6B 3W2”

Here is my comment, submitted online, August 14, 2015:

I live in Birch Bay, WA and am disturbed by all coal mining and shipping operations in this age of global warming, not to mention those which currently exist and offer harmful impacts to humans, air, land, water, and other life forms in an area that is relatively close to the town where I live. All I needed to read to know that I continue to not support the proposed expansion and any amendment of the proposed expansion plans of Fraser Surrey Docks, was that in the comment summary from the public comment period, held by Fraser Surrey Docks May 4, to May 19, the following concern was raised: “”The Fire Life Safety Plan is flawed because we are unable to mitigate such risks to the environment because the plan will not be effective in stopping fires and preserving life/safety.” FSD’s consideration of input expressed nothing that addressed this issue: “FSD has worked with independent experts and our operational partners to develop detailed emergency response procedures for the Project. For emergency preparedness at the FSD site, we have worked with RKMS Group and Hatch Mott MacDonald to ensure that applicable standards and best industry practice are followed. A Fire Life Safety Plan (2015) has been prepared in consideration of the proposed amendment.” None of this consideration of input recognizes that human error and environmental forces are always in play and the best of fire plans, in some circumstances, would not be able to put out a toxic coal fire in a timely enough fashion to prevent devastating the surrounding environment and jeopardizing the health and safety of countless individuals.

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