Local retired librarian injured by police / NorthwestCitizen, Ellen Murphey

imageAug 18, 2015  Ellen Murphy ACTION

Bruce Radtke, a retired Bellingham librarian, suffered injuries on Wednesday, August 12 during a violent takedown and arrest by an Olympic National Park ranger, who was assisted by two plainclothesmen, one of whom identified himself as a police officer.

Radtke, along with three other volunteers loosely affiliated with STOP ( savetheolympicpeninsula.org, an organization which had been given permission to leaflet in the park) had been passing out the leaflets to visitors near the Hurricane Ridge Visitors Center. The leaflets contained information about the Navy’s plans to conduct electromagnetic warfare training in the park. […]

Read the Ellen’s complete post on NorthwestCitizen here.

Here’s a link to a document that contains more information about the Navy Warfare training plan in National Parks, Federal Lands, and Marine Sanctuaries: http://savetheolympicpeninsula.org/Documents/Save%20Olympic%20National%20Park.pdf

Here is information on what you can do, contained in this flyer, http://protectolympicpeninsula.org/wp-content/uploads/2014/11/STOP-ALERT.pdf , and listed below:

Robert Bonnie
, who oversees the Forest Service, after watching these videos:
The People’s outcry:
YouTube: The Olympic Peninsula is Not for Electromagnetic Warfare Training
Ask Mr. Bonnie to DENY a permit for the Navy to do this!
cc: Sally Jewell (in charge of our National Parks):
this alert with everyone you know–FB / Twitter / Instagram, etc.
Ask your contacts to share it widely.
WE THE PEOPLE have a very short window of time to make our voices heard. We
need this video and alert to “go viral”. Thank you!
Full flyer:

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