Whatcomcentric, Political, and Wonky Charter Stuff / Reading the Washington Landscape, Dan McShane

reading the wa landscapeTuesday, August 18, 2015  Dan McShane

I previously posted about the obscure Charter Commission (charter-review-whatcomcentric). This post is a modified version updating where things are at.

This year’s review has been a bit bumpy because the Charter Commission majority is very out of step with the current Council. This is in part due to the Commission being elected by district only voting while the council reflects the majority of County voters having been elected by county-wide voting. The split is result of the way the districts were drawn up with District 1 being overwhelming Democrat leaning and the other 2 leaning Republican.

The Charter Commission has finished its work of submitting proposed amendments to the voters of Whatcom County. The commission’s main focus was political versus good governance and amendments were put forward that are an attempt to shift elections not for better representation. […]

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