Bellingham Herald Article Regarding Bikes… Interesting Comments / Politics Whatcom, James Gibson

Politics WhatcomAugust 20, 2105  James Gibson

Since I don’t have Facebook account and therefore can’t comment on Bellingham Herald articles, I decided to make a blog post addressing some of the comments on one specific article, where I found many false and inflammatory comments as a bicyclist (the article is about bicycle projects/ safety).

How the post is organized: Where I find something that I decide to comment on, I underline it, put it in brackets, and put a number directly after it in parentheses and italics.  Look below the post for that number, where I will make my statement.

This is an ongoing issue that is never going to go away. It is clear that Bellingham favors bicyclists [(take a look at what they are doing to Alabama St. What a friggen mess.)](1) I encounter bikes on the road ALL the time. […]

Read James’ complete post on Politics Whatcom here.

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