September 10, 2015 Whatcom County Planning Commission Meeting Materials / Noisy Waters Northwest

recreation comp planSeptember 10, 2015  Dena Jensen

I am posting this information pretty much after the fact (the meeting is in an hour or so of this posting) regarding today’s Whatcom County Planning Commission meeting because I am just getting up to speed very slowly, but surely, on where to find the information on what is happening in city and county meetings in our region.

After this initial late entry, my plan is to post links to relevant documents and info for upcoming meetings enough time in advance for people to plan to go to the meeting, or to be able to send in comments in time for the government body to consider before they make decisions on that week’s action items.  The links posted below are all available on the Whatcom County Planning Commission Meeting Materials page at this location:

Note: I will tag these posts “Meetings” so that readers can click the “Meetings” tag (at the bottom of the post) to view a Noisy Waters NW page with all the various meetings that have been posted over time.  Here goes with the first one (better late than never).
Date Agenda Packet Comments Minutes Audio
9/10/2015 Agenda Chapter 9 Recreation Memo
Chapter 9-Recreation
Map 9-1
Map 9-2
Chapter 11-Environment-Memo
Chapter 11-Environment
Map 11-1
Map 11-2
Map 11-3
Map 11-4Please note this meeting will be
held in the County Council Chambers

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