COMMON THREADS UNTHREADED / Cascadia Weekly, Tim Johnson

Tuesday, September 15, 2015  Tim Johnson

COMMON THREADS UNTHREADED: Whatcom County voters will get to choose if they want five districts, a Skagit County judge says.

Miffed members of the Charter Review Commission filed a complaint in Skagt County Superior Court last month, attempting to strike an initiative placed on the ballot by Whatcom County Council that would allow voters to decide if they wanted to divide the county into five fair and equal voting districts. The proposal would replace the archaic and increasingly incoherent model that divides the county into thirds and apportions a piece of Bellingham to each. The tea party caucus of the CRC, blackened with coal money, seeks to exploit that structural weakness to partition and divide the progressive vote through district-only voting (DO-3), thereby installing a coal-friendly County Council and guaranteeing a far-right outcome in roughly 75 percent of future county elections. […]

Read Tim’s complete article on Cascadia Weekly here.

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