Update your new address at myvote.wa.gov by Monday! “Flux” in the Voter Database / Bellingham Politics and Economics, Ryan Matthew Ferris

Bellingham politics and economicsMonday, September 21, 2015  Ryan Matthew Ferris

I have created this post in part as a type of public service announcement.

October 5th, Monday is the last day to update or register electronically to vote at myvote.wa.gov.  Washington has a somewhat unique and perhaps uniquely convenient solution to voter registration and voting: all electronic registration coupled with vote by mail ballots.  If you want to vote in the primary election in Whatcom County (or any other WA County) you must have a registration in good standing. You can check this at myvote.wa.gov and it is an excellent idea to do so whether you have moved or not.

Every week voters are removed and added to the Washington voter rolls by your local election office. Every quarter this process is specifically repeated in coordination with a PEW States initiative in Olympia called  ERIC[1,2,3,4,5,6]. […]

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