Some of Jon Mutchler’s contributors to his Ferndale mayoral campaign / Facebook post, Whatcom Hawk, Sj Robson

Mutchlers contributorsYesterday at 12:40am September 27, 2015 Sandy Robson

I posted a comment on September 18 on Ferndale mayor candidate Cathy Watson’s Sept. 17 Facebook post in which she announced she has been endorsed by 4 of her 6 fellow Ferndale City council members.

I expressed support for Ms. Watson in my comment, and I also listed campaign contributions made to her opponent, Jon Mutchler’s mayoral campaign by contributors who are from developer/construction, and commercial property management interests.

Jon Mutchler responded on Sept. 21 to my comment, and I replied back to him. Below, I have copied and pasted my original comment I posted on September 18, on Ms. Watson’s post.

Since my Sept. 18 comment, another construction contributor, Scott Hillius (Hillco Contracting) donated $500 on Sept. 23 to the Jon Mutchler mayoral campaign.
And, also since my Sept. 18 post there was a $100 contribution from Craig Cole (Brown and Cole), and a $100 contribution from Lynden Market Square, of which Cole is a principal owner. I thought Cole’s contributions were worth mentioning because, well, Craig Cole is always on my radar.

I’ll add Jon Mutchler’s response to my comment and my response back to him, in the comment thread under this Whatcom Hawk post. I think any candidate who receives that many sizable campaign donations from developer/construction, property mgt. interests should just “own it,” instead of trying to defensively explain each contribution.

My September 18 comment:

If I lived in Ferndale, I would vote for Cathy Watson for mayor. Her opponent Jon Mutchler, certainly has a lot of campaign contributions coming to him from developers, builder/construction, and commercial property management contributors. According to the PDC website, below are some of the contributions Jon Mutchler has received:

$900 from B & R Oxford LLC on
9/11/15 – commercial property management

$500 from B & R Oxford LLC on 5/31/15

$150 “In Kind” Ad time from B & R Oxford LLC on 6/16/15

$600 from M.B. Boulos, Boulos
Enterprises on 9/3/15 – commercial and industrial land development (buys property, builds buildings, and rents those out)

$500 from M.B. Boulos, Boulos
Enterprises on 7/24/15

**Correction: I have removed a $500 contribution previously listed on this line from M.B. Boulos, Boulos Enterprises on 7/14/15 as it was in error**

$250 from York Construction on 9/4/15

$250 from York Construction on 6/18/15

$950 from DJ and DJ Construction on 8/10/15

$800 from DJ and DJ Construction on 6/12/15

$200 from Harbor Lands L.P. on 5/26/15 – Developer and Construction

$50 from Harbor Lands L.P. on
8/12/15 – Developer and Construction

$400 from Whatcom GOP on 8/8/15

Read Sandy’s post and some additional comments regarding this material on the Whatcom Hawk Facebook page.

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