Billy Frank Jr. was a man that stood up for everyone’s rights / Facebook post, Frank James

billy frank jr st11 hrs October 8, 2015  Frank James

It is not just that Billy Frank Jr. was arrested over 50 times, but that the courts found that what he was doing was perfectly LEGAL.

He was a man that stood up for everyone’s rights. When the law is not enforced fairly who is hurt? Everyone. It is honestly embarrassing that so many know so little about the law, contracts and legal agreements and our constitutional rights and responsibilities. If you do not know who Billy Frank Jr. was, you should find out before you add another comment. And after you do learn about him, I think those who have posted negative comments would perhaps have something more thoughtful and informed to say. : Where the Salmon Run: The Life and Legacy of Billy Frank Jr.

Read Frank James’ post on his Facebook page here.

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