Props 1 vs. 9, Your Guide to the 2015 initiatives / Cascadia Weekly, Tim Johnson

yes and no cascadiaWednesday, October 14, 2015  Tim Johnson

1-2-3: Lock up Bellingham and throw away the key

Standing outside the Whatcom County Courthouse an angry group waves signs that read “End Urban Rule.” What does it mean?

At its most elemental, it means a resentment that roughly 40 percent of the county population—urban voters—have a roughly equal capacity to participate in county elections and be represented by county government.

Even if you don’t quite understand how district-only voting achieves that goal (it doesn’t), at least understand that the angry people who wave those signs believe that it will. That is their motive for supporting district-only voting. They believe it will reduce the ability for urban voters to participate in county government.

Of course, Proposition 1 does nothing of the sort. […]

Read Tim’s complete article on Cascadia Weekly here.

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