Event: Exposing the Jail Industry Gold Mine, October 21 / Facebook event, Restorative Community Coalition

exposing the jail industry gold mineOctober 16, 2015  Restorative Community Coalition

From the event information page:

at 5:00pm

Why voting NO on the Jail Tax, Prop 2015-1 will help us all stop the self-destructive economic game that is decimating the heart and soul of our community. Find out how you can take action and help make our communities safer by putting people back to work, not into jail!

Come hear the inside story, how jails are business revenue generators and marketing funnels for the prison industrial complex. Joy Gilfilen and Irene Morgan, co-authors of “Stop Punishing Taxpayers, Start Rebuilding Community” will unveil lessons learned over the last 5 years; how profiteering works from imprisonment in local jails all the way up to the national issue of mass incarceration. Then journey with us to discover 31 community strategies we can embrace to mentor local 21st Century Restorative Economic Revival.

All are welcome. Donations of time and project funding are much appreciated. We are a Washington State 501(c) (3) nonprofit – tax deductible. Restorative Community Coalition, P.O. Box 31026, Bellingham, WA 98228. Joy Gilfilen: 360-739-7493 ~ Irene Morgan: 360-354-3653 `
E-Mail: info@whatcomrec.org

View this event on Facebook here.

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