The Jail Tax mailer from Whatcom County is an extreme abuse of power / Facebook post, Whatcom Hawk, Joy Gilfilen

whatcom hawk20 mins October 18, 2015  Joy Gilfilen

Unless the Council stands up, and the people take back this election aggressively right now, the jail industry just did a zinger.

In one swoop they will have passed both the District Only voting and the forever jail tax, elected Louws and Elfo, and made the Prosecutor a hero…and funded their industry with an earmarked, unlimited source of guaranteed funds that no-one can touch. All using taxpayer dollars.

It is my stand that the Executive branch of our government should not be allowed to get away with this. The only clear and concise and immediate way to stop it, is that we need the Council to invalidate this tax proposal immediately, and to take away the support from their administrative branch.

We, the people, are deeply at risk.

The tone, style, and nature of content in this mailer reflects a takeover of our Executive branch of government by the jail industry lobbying interests. They are aggressive, blatant, and out of bounds.

There are so many things wrong with the flyer, it is hard to list them all, so I won’t even start. The bottomline is what matters: the timing and net effect of this mailing is disastrous to freedom. All advertising is valuable at this critical juncture of the election campaign – good or bad. It creates a stir, and in negative campaigning this works. Unless the audience acts differently than normal, or the perpetrators get called out.

This one is deeply dirty pool…and has the marks of genius trickster marketing talent on it paid for by big money. (And whether this is direct Whatcom County taxpayer money, or whether it came from DLR as part of a contract is irrrelevant… in both cases it is tax money.)

In his letter, Jack is trying to play the plausible deniability card by saying the Council approved it. Not true…but that is the slight of hand trick. He creates the slow down of action and time is on his side. The PDC takes time…and in the meantime votes are counted.

If this tax is approved, the sheriff’s office is then authorized to use their absolute dictatorial power to expand regulatory government with an alligator of a jail — and us taxpayers will be paying to operate it forever, and our children will be working there as staff or as inmates. Or, when we cannot pay the bills, this puts us in the crosshairs of becoming a national prison, or an immigration and detention facility in a few years. Make no mistake…all the trends are there, and the patterns.

Come hear about this on Wednesday night at the Garden Street Methodist Church at 5 PM – the talk, “Exposing the Jail Industry Goldmine” – a talk where we will explain the patterns and behavior of the jail industry, including takeovers.

This is not small potatoes, or an error. It is intentional hardball marketing tactics from the dominative world of commercial business.

Wake up. The national problems with big business domination is at your front door, and it is up close and personal right now. Your Executive branch just played a really, really dirty card. And you paid for it. The DLR got about $3 million dollars already without ever completing a Needs Assessment.

If people do not stand up and invalidate this election, or call this out in some effective way, we are in trouble. If we lose this one, we lose the County to outside interests. That is what the patterns show.

Read Joy’s post on the Whatcom Hawk Facebook page here.

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