Things might have gotten a little too hot for the Whatcom Tea Party / Facebook post, Sj Robson

Dove Jennifer15 hrs  October 24, 2015  Sandy Robson

Tonight DOVE Whatcom PAC Facebook deleted a comment I made and blocked my ability to comment, and deleted everyone’s comments on that thread. I had replied to a comment (shown in the screenshot photo) by Sandra Belzer Brendale from Yakima, on an Oct. 21 Facebook post on DOVE.

brendale comment

My comment to her was simply: “Is Phillip Brendale your husband?”

I asked because I am familiar with Sandra Belzer Brendale, a self-described Constitutionalist, and her husband Phillip Brendale of Yakima, and I was just was trying to confirm he was her husband still before I referred to him in a comment I was going to make.

I can only surmise that the Whatcom Tea Party-run DOVE PAC decided to delete my question and not let me stick around in the event that I might provide some information about Phillip Brendale. Below is what I was going to post:

While Yakima resident Sandra Belzer Brendale is weighing in on district-only voting, her husband Phillip Brendale has done quite a bit of “weighing-in” on Native American treaty rights, doing so right here in Bellingham in 2013.

cera event tea partyThe following passages are from an April 26, 2013 article by Charles Tanner about the April 6, 2013, Citizens Equal Rights Alliance (CERA) conference held at the Lakeway Inn in Bellingham. It was hosted by the Whatcom Tea Party, according to a Whatcom Tea Party Facebook event post (shown in photo). Federal Indian law attorney Dave Lundgren calls CERA “The Ku Klux Klan of Indian Country.”

Phillip Brendale was a featured presenter at that conference. Here are the passages from that article:
“Philip Brendale advocates raising the specter of tribal casinos as ‘evidence’ of tribes’ ‘moderate standard of living” and attempt ‘lowering the 50 percent salmon set aside down to zero.’

“Brendale next took up how to fund such a lawsuit. ‘Where can we find the deep pockets, investors, with the need to reduce the number of stakeholders?’ he asked. His answer – the ‘large coal companies, and the railroads, that mine and haul millions of tons of coal,’ particularly those involved in the proposal to build a coal terminal at Cherry Point in the Lummi Nation’s ‘usual and accustomed’ fishing area. Tribes, environmentalists and some local government officials are engaged in opposing the Gateway Pacific Terminal at Cherry Point. The terminal, to be owned by SSA Marine, threatens tribal fisheries and the ecological health of the area. Carrix Inc., SSA Marine’s parent company, has received major investments from Goldman Sachs Infrastructure Partners.[14]

“‘We have at our disposal what we need – the weapon, the means, the opportunity and the financial support to take these tribes down. What do we get for our trouble: the opportunity to strike a most devastating psychological blow to Northwest tribes’ pride and their sense of well-being.’

“CERA Event Speaker Philip Brendale’s proposed approach to treaty-reserved fishing rights.

“Brendale proposed reaching out to these companies through someone with ‘legal strategy credibility’ that ‘would have best chance to convince these companies to finance a winning case without getting their corporate hands dirty.’ Unsurprisingly, Brendale named himself that person. ‘I have some credibility already,’ he declared. ‘I have… in place a non-profit operation which would serve as a reception entity to which the targeted companies could deposit, donate funds.’ Brendale is the President of the Red Horse Capital Campaign based in Yakima, Washington.[15]Brendale’s claim to credibility stems from his role as a petitioner in the infamous case, Brendale v Confederated Tribes and Bands of the Yakima Indian Nation (1989).”

Link to Charles Tanner’s article:

Read Sandy’s post on her Facebook page here.

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