Complaint filed for Whatcom County Community Report Jail Mailer, Press Release / Junga Subedar

October 30, 2015  From Junga Subedar

To the Press and Media:

Please find attached a copy of the complaint filed by five community members of color: Rosalinda Guillen, Omar Jordan, Kim Harris, Maru Mora Villalpando, and Neah Montiero. The complaint details the individuals’ concerns about the jail mailer.

These courageous individuals felt compelled to file the complaints, in view of the misuse of public office and public funds by the named government officials in the jail mailer, at a crucial time for voters during this election season. The jail sales tax and Proposition 1, which was named in the mailer, are directly related to concerns the people of color have been expressing about racial profiling and disparate treatment in our criminal justice system.

In progressive communities across the country, law enforcement and leaders are moving toward alternatives and reduction to incarceration. The proposed jail sales tax and new, big jail are a clear indication our county government officials are trying to expand the jail industry in our community.

Here is a link to a copy of the full complaint:

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