Snuffing out coal on the front page / Noisy Waters Northwest, with gratitude to The Western Front

western front suffocating coalElection Day, November 3, 2015  Dena Jensen

Dear Western Front,

You know how there are dream-weddings, and dream-homes, and dream-boats?  Thanks for serving up a dream-headline on your front page today.

It is all I could have asked for, and more.  No matter what the results on this election night, it will be a headline that I will faithfully labor at bringing to life in the days, weeks, and months ahead.  Thank you to each and every journalist, writer, activist, student, artist, leader, data sorter, organization, citizen, campaigner, doorbeller, phone bank monitor, media broadcaster (social and otherwise), rally-er, speaker, debater, public participant, and more, who have made such a headline possible, and with continued effort, attainable.

Love, Your Biggest Fan of the Day, Dena Jensen at Noisy Waters Northwest

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