How and Where to File Jail Mailer Complaints / Racial Justice Coalition Campaign

jail mailer complaintsNovember 6, 2015  Racial Justice Coalition

Jack Louws, County Executive, admits to using approx. $28,000 of tax money to pay for this mailer.

Jack Louws, Sheriff Bill Elfo and Dave McEachran publicly support a new, big jail and are all on the mailer making quotes and statements.  The mailer is heavily biased and potentially a misuse of public funds, office, facility, staff and resources.  […]

Read the complete text about filing complaints on the Whatcom County Community Report jail mailer here.

Link to online filing option to send a complaint to the Public Disclosure Commission:

LInk to the online filing option to send a complaint to the Attorney General:

Contact information for sending a complaint in the mail to the Whatcom County Prosecutor:

David S. McEachran
Whatcom County Prosecutor
311 Grand Avenue, Suite 201
Bellingham, WA  98225
fax: 360-738-2532

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