Post Election Notes: The Green Line in Whatcom County, Coal and a Jail

reading the wa landscapeSaturday, November 7, 2015

Local elections are over with most of the ballots counted.

In Whatcom County coal was the big looser.

With the passage of Charter Amendment #9 which moved the County from a three district system to a five district system. How this undermines coal interests is that it prevents a minority take over scheme pushed by the local GOP. Coal interests put about $100,000 into the County Charter amendment races and they needed to win #1, #2 and #3 and defeat #9 and #10. While they did win # 1, #2 and #3, those wins are empty without also defeating #9 and #10.

Details of the amendments are presented below:

Coal also lost in that the two council members elected are not likely to be coal supporters. […]

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