Crossways with the Railroads

cascadia weekly coverWednesday, December 9, 2015  Bob Simmons

Before Whatcom County citizens had a chance to speak their minds about closing Valley View Road, state and federal agencies appeared to have settled the matter.[…]

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2 thoughts on “Crossways with the Railroads

  1. Why not close every crossing, just like C street in Bellingham, or Slater, every time it rains in this Dunce Cap 4th Corner.

    When you don’t have any ability to drive, sue the railroad. Always shown best in the Washington State Supreme Court, like McEachran’s drunk driving cases in Ericksen v. State, who still cannot figure out why all the drunks are still employed in his office.

    When you have no business in oil, vote Carl Weimer, who don’t like pipelines, and is too ignorant to see the results of cause and effect, in this, another terriaquarium study, now playing on a train track near you.

    So BNSF get’s fine $71k a day? Big Deal, like the State Legislature in Contempt of Court at $100K a DAY, emphasis added, from the same breed of politicians like the drunk DNR commissioner and County Politicians stealing school trust lands in the Lake Whatcom Frog Petters watershed.
    McClearly v. State of Imbeciles, unchanged since 1975, on display daily.

    Viet Nelson v. Burlington Northern (2012) Washington State Supreme Court, right here from the 4th Corner, where the dunce cap is Supreme.
    ¶ 8 The City of Bellingham settled with Veit before trial, and the trial court dismissed Veit’s claims against Mr. Burks with prejudice. Veit v. BNSF, 150 Wn.App. 369, 376-77, 207 P.3d 1282 (2009).


    • Abe Lincoln’s train tracks, with that Orange Blossom Special.

      SEC. 15. And be it further enacted, That any other railroad company now incorporated, or hereafter to be incorporated, shall have the right to connect their road with the road and branches provided for by this act, at such places and upon such just and equitable terms as the President of the United States may prescribe. Wherever the word company is used in this act it shall be construed to embrace the words their associates, suc- cessors, and assigns, the same as if the words had been properly added thereto.


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