Building permit problems with the Rojszas: July 29, 2010 Public Record / Facebook post, Walter Haugen

jori clocktower

2 hrs  February 18, 2016  Walter Haugen

Here is a page of notes from Jori Burnett, Community Development Director, City of Ferndale. It is dated July 29, 2010 and comes from a public records request. It concerns a discussion with Richard Langabeer, the general counsel for the City of Ferndale, on the building permit problems with the Rojszas. It gives you a dramatic window into how crooked the City of Ferndale really is. [Remember, these people are getting paid GOOD SALARIES to play their crooked power games.] Some highlights:

“What if we stop him, and then cite him for having an ugly building? – we’ve stopped him from building, but also cited him for ugliness.”

“So — issue a citation and advise him that each day that he is out of compliance will constitute a separate offence, and we will give him ten days to remove the offence. He must remove it.”

You might remember that the Superior Court on Feb. 12, 2016 specifically told the City of Ferndale they must stop using the 10-day notice as a hammer to punish the Rojszas. It is clear the City of Ferndale has been using this tactic since 2010.

What a crooked place Ferndale is!

Read Walter’s post on his Facebook page here.

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