Jail Notes – Elfo and Everyone Else

Mon, Feb 22, 2016, 9:45 pm   Tip Johnson

Sheriff Bill Elfo is scheduled to make a presentation to the County Council tomorrow.  Agenda Bill 2016-100 states only that the presentation is about the Jail Use Agreement with the City of Bellingham.

No background or additional content is offered.  It’s difficult to see how he will make much progress.

Also on the agenda, Council members Buchanan, Mann and Weimer offer a resolution (large agenda packet pdf – p. 235) “Adopting a Statement of…Jail Planning Principles…”[…]

Read Tip’s complete article on NorthwestCitizen here.

3 thoughts on “Jail Notes – Elfo and Everyone Else

  1. I still cannot figure out how the local imbeciles in this Kangaroo Kounty Kourthouse keep getting elected, and why the 8th graders, are teaching 8th grade civics to the local school district, police department, county persecutor, and judges, who flunked 8th grade civics.

    When your to stupid to read, get a job with Elfo, McEachran, Garret, Loues, Linville, and the rest of our local imbeciles on parade, jailing the innocent for speech, shown best in this Dunce Cap Corner, a Fourth Speciality, and Imbeciles inbreeding at Western Washington University.

    Flunk out in the 8th grade, apply at a County Courthouse, where No, still means Yes, unchanged since 1791.



  2. Can’t find work in a whore house, apply with DSHS. And the Christine Gerguoir and Jay Inslee special.

    Accessory in crime, with Free deliver service, from DSHS.

    Can’t pass the test, to get a job in Nevada, call up Olympia, with their employees straight from Western State Hospital. Welcome to the Fourth Corner, where the Dunce Cap is an employment requirement.

    Why do you think they ran Elfo out of Florida? Why do you think that taco bell drunk Kremen appointed him?



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