Undocumented students build community / The Western Front, Jordan Mellott

undocumented students

Members of the Blue Group at Western Washington University stand together during a meeting on campus to discuss the rights of undocumented students at the university, Feb. 17. // Photo by Daniel Liddicoet

February 18, 2016  

For undocumented students, stacks of paperwork and complex government programs stand between them and an affordable college career.

Add those pressures to the already daunting social and academic obligations that come with being a student, and getting through four years of college can become a daunting, lonely task.

Blue Group hopes to make it a little bit easier.

Blue Group serves as a support group for undocumented students on campus. It also provides opportunities for allies to learn about the issues these students face, and how they can help, said Maria Prieto, Blue Group president. […]

Read Jordan’s complete article on The Western Front here.

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