Petition: “Students for Power and Liberation Demands (WWU)” / Noisy Waters Northwest

students for power and liberation demands

February 28, 2016  Dena Jensen

Tonight the Students for Power and Liberation released a petition for members of the public to sign that presents their demands issued to Western Washington University Administration. 

Here is an excerpt from the conclusion to the demands by the Students for Power and Liberation:

In 1968, Black students at Western Washington University were openly fighting and resisting the same structures of power we are today. We continue the important work that they started. We honor their words, their spirits, and their strength by leaving you again with this quote: “When Western begins to make phony excuses and resist needed changes, we will be forced to look at Western as an enemy to Black and non-white people and, act accordingly. In short, there will be political consequences for political mistakes.”

This movement is not limited to Western, but is connected to other universities nationwide where students are demanding that they have power over their own lives and histories. This movement is decades old and we walk in the history of those who came before us. We recognize all forms of oppression have been resisted since their inception. We are in solidarity with the students on college campuses across the nation actively resisting and protesting their institutions’ lack of accountability and failure to adequately serve all students. As Hopi elders, June Jordan, and Alice Walker continue to remind us: We are the ones we have been waiting for.


Please visit the link below to thoughtfully read their demands.  You will be rewarded with the tangible effort and powerful vision of this student group who seeks to bring their creative and ambitious demands into immediate and nation-changing action.  Please sign their petition and share.

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