Idea for Our Times: Puget Sound Repair Project / NorthwestCitizen, Tip Johnson

The Jackhammer Siphon of the Los Angeles Aquaduct appears unintimidated by hills


Mon, Mar 07, 2016, 9:40 am  Tip Johnson

Imagine a toilet that can’t flush but still gets used.  OK, sorry about that, but it’s exactly the problem with Puget Sound.  Like any water body lacking an outlet, it is doomed to collect and concentrate anything sent its way.  And we are sending way too much.

Once upon a time, working on a project for the paper mill in Port Townsend, we realized that when the tide comes in, all the mill’s pollution goes into the sound.  When the tide goes out, the pollution goes out, but when the tide changes, the pollution goes in again and brings in some of what previously was headed out.  The upshot is that it just keeps building up.  Farther south in the sound, the situation intensifies.  Everything flowing into the sound is destined to stay and accumulate. […]

Read Tip’s complete article on NorthwestCitizen here.

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