Compare Jail Resolutions Side by Side before County Council Tonight, March 8 / Noisy Waters Northwest

If you click the graphic link above you can page back and forth between the three proposed Whatcom County Jail planning resolutions up for review by the county council tonight.

March 8, 2016  Dena Jensen

Former candidate for Whatcom County Executive in the November 2016 election, and human rights activist, Joy Gilfilen alerted people on Facebook today about resolutions  regarding jail planning that are up for review by the Whatcom County Council tonight, March 8, 2016.

joy post on county council jail resolution

Here is the link to the Whatcom County Council agenda packet where you can view the information Joy mentioned above: . If you are not able to view the packet for some reason, or it is more convenient to view them here, I have posted the three proposed resolutions by the various council members along with the three sets of proposed jail planning principles. Each set bears a header of who is noted as proposing them.

First, here are copies of the three proposed jail planning resolutions.  Note that Council Member Donovan’s proposal (listed second) appears to be a modification of the original proposal (listed first) that is labeled as being proposed by only Council Members Buchanan, Mann, and Weimer.  Council Member Brenner’s proposal (listed third) seems to be be of a more original construction:

Proposed by Buchanan, Mann, Weimer

jail resolution weimer

Proposed by Donovan

Jail resolution Donovan

Proposed by Brenner

Jail resolution Brenner


Now here are the three sets of jail planning principles.  Again in this case, Council Member Donovan’s set of principles seems to be a modification of those by Council Members Buchanan, Mann, and Weimer.  Council Member Brenner’s list of principles is brief and seems to be independent of the other council members’ proposals:

Proposed by Buchanan, Mann, and Weimer

Jail principles weimer

Jail principles weimer 2jail principles weimer 3

Proposed by Donovan

Jail principles DonovanJail principles donovan 2Jail principles donovan 3

Proposed by Brenner

Jail principles brenner




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