REvision Division Reduces Waste by Thinking Outside the Box / Whatcom Talk, Lorraine Wilde

REvision Division
Design and Build masterminds Matt Vaughn (L) and David Spangler (R) unleash their creativity in each furniture piece. Photo courtesy: REvision Division.


March 17, 2016   Lorraine Wilde

In our busy lives, it’s pretty easy to overlook where our furniture comes from, how it’s made, and the history of the materials from which it was built. But REvision Division, a modest part of RE Sources for Sustainable Communities’ RE Store, is trying to change that.

By modeling reuse of everyday discarded materials and transforming them into gallery-quality furniture, this local non-profit is inspiring the public to make a shift and see discards as a valuable resource.

Since 1993, the RE Store has been supporting RE Sources’ mission to promote sustainable communities through education, advocacy, recycling and the conservation of natural resources. When Kurt Gisclair moved to Bellingham from Alaska seven-and-a-half years ago to become the RE Store director, one of the many goals he had was to find additional pathways to enhance the value of the materials the store was already accepting. […]

Read Lorraine’s full article on Whatcom Talk here.

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